Why Climate Matters When Choosing a Fence

Living in Florida, we deal with extreme weather on a regular basis no matter the time of year. Heat, wind, rain, we get it all. In that case, which types of fences can withstand these drastic climates? The experts at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando have just what you need to survive practically any act of nature.

Warm Temperatures

If you’re constantly dealing with intense heat, you’ll need something that doesn’t warp. Since heat expands, many low-quality fences suffer from deformities due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Vinyl fences are built to effortlessly endure hot climates as it provides durability against super dry air and harmful UV rays from direct sunlight.

High Winds

During stormy seasons, it’s essential to have a fence that can stay grounded and divert most of the impact away from your home. Solid wood has been proven to effectively reduce wind flow, especially hard cedar. As long as your wooden fence is installed by seasoned professionals like those at Mossy Oak Fence, you’ll never have to worry about it becoming uprooted when push comes to shove.

Heavy Rain

Mold is practically a death sentence when it comes to any type of structure, and penetrating moisture from rain is the grim reaper. In Florida where storms are relatively frequent, water-resistant fences are a must-have. Pressure-treated wood can combat the elements as well as powder-coated aluminum. Both of these materials provide strong durability and weather resistance.

The Rundown

When you reside in an area that deals with all of these weather conditions, it can be hard to decide on the type of fencing that could benefit you the most. To make things easier, we’ve broken down the benefits for you:




● Heat/UV resistant

● Wind resistant

● Wind resistant

● Moisture resistant

● Heavy

● Durable

● Moisture resistant

When it comes down to it, these materials roughly share the same benefits. At this point it’s mostly up to preference, but the most important factor is in the installation process. Having the toughest fence on the block won’t matter if it’s not secured to the ground properly, and weather-resistant coating won’t do its job if it’s not applied appropriately. For noticeable results, it pays to hire licensed professionals.

Let Us Build Your Impenetrable Fortress!

Still can’t decide on what kind of fence to go with? We’ll gladly give you recommendations based on your exact needs. We’ve seen our fences in action long enough to know what works best for different uses, so you can trust our judgment.

To ensure ultimate protection for you and your home, let the experts at Mossy Oak Fence set you up with the best fencing you’ll find in Orlando! We only stock the finest treated materials so satisfaction is guaranteed, and our contractors have been in the business for years so you can feel safe knowing that we’ve been around the block a thousand times over. Call us today to receive a free estimate and the best fence you’ve ever owned.