Why Is My Wooden Fence Warping and Can I Fix It?

Wooden fences are usually the more common choice for their beautiful and traditional look that goes with practically any home aesthetic. Your neighborhood is likely decorated with this style of fencing over any other but going in for a closer look may reveal an abundance of imperfections accumulated over time. If you have a wooden fence that has been subjected to warpage, is there a way to fix it? Your pals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando will teach you everything there is to know about caring for your wooden fence.

What Causes Wood to Warp?

What causes a wooden fence to warp in the first place? Taking a step back, we can see that a tree is naturally designed to be able to absorb water into its fibers in order to nourish itself and grow. This is a great element to have in a tree, but this trait stays true even after cutting and repurposing the wood, which can lead to a few problems for the consumer. When it comes down to it, there are a couple of simple yet crucial facts to keep in mind:

  1. Soaking in water causes wood to expand.
  2. The water eventually evaporates which causes wood to shrink.

Knowing these certainties, we can see why water absorption ultimately leads to warpage. There are specific terms for warps depending on the direction of the occurrence, with examples being curving, twisting, bowing, and so on. However, we can agree that any form of warping results in unattractive wooden fences.

Fixing a Warped Fence

You can count on internet dwellers to come up with solutions for common issues around the house, and a warped fence is no exception. The most common at-home repair requires you to expose your fence to water for it to reach its moisture content level before incorporating glue for durability. After the application stage, you must apply even pressure on the wooden plank as it fully dries, which can take a little over a week. Once it’s done, you top it off with a sealant to preserve its current state. This process is basically the DIY method for creating a pressure-treated fence, but there are numerous reasons why you should have professionally-made pressure-treated wood fences installed by expert contractors rather than spending time, money, and energy on sealant just to achieve subpar results.

A Better Solution for Any Damaged Fence

When you try to create pressure-treated wood yourself, especially on a fence that has already seen the damage, the result can appear tacky, and it won’t even last as long. You can save yourself the disappointment by calling professional fencing contractors to install a brand-new pressure-treated wooden fence that will look incredibly stunning and last you for years to come. High-quality pressure-treated wood will be able to withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions which prove beneficial in more intense areas like Florida.

Pressure-Treated Wood Fences in Orlando

If you’re looking for the best pressure-treated wood fence for your Florida home, Mossy Oak Fence Orlando carries Ecolife Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood which has lasted many years for countless customers in the area. Call (407) 900-2940 today for a free estimate!