Wood Picket Fences

When it comes to choosing a fence, are you more interested in containment than privacy? Would a shorter, more decorative fence for the front or perimeter of your home be more appropriate than a solid fence? Then a custom wood picket fence may be the right choice for you.

Typically, picket fences average 4 feet in height, but other variations may work better for your property. For instance, a 4 ft. picket fence may be too short for homes with bigger dogs who could jump that height. If so, we can build your fence higher to meet your specific needs. In other cases, our customers would like to achieve the cottage look for their front yard and will opt for a 3 ft. tall picket fence.

Whichever height you choose, Mossy Oak Fence has the most creative designs available in Central Florida. As with all of our wood fences, we continue to bring quality to the consumer with our custom stick-built (no pre-built panels) wood picket fence designs.

As an added feature, we custom-cut each picket and post with innovative machinery at our facility in Tavares, Fla. We offer designs such as the French Gothic, the Virginian and the Breckenridge. Also, very popular are the custom curved-top designs (the scallop and saddle-cut), each using a custom-cut decorative post.

Whatever picket fence style you choose, Mossy Oak Fence is the custom fence contractor of choice for consumers throughout Orlando and all of Central Florida!

Wood Picket Fences Styles

Dog Ear Picket Fence Style v2

Dog Ear Picket Fence

The dog ear wood picket fence style is a traditional fence design making it very economical. Picket tops are cut-off at an angle, creating a “dog ear” look. This classic picket fence style allows wind to pass freely through the fence. We prefer to use Western red cedar on our wood picket fences, however we can also build most of our styles out of pressure-treated pine as well.

Saddle Cut Picket Fence Style v2

Saddle Cut Picket Fence

The saddle-cut or concave picket fence style is a unique way to add character to a traditional wood picket fence. This style creates a true saddle shape in each fence panel. Our saddle-cut wood picket fence is ideal for customers who would like to contain children or pets, but desire to keep the view from their yard.

Scallop Cut Picket Fence Style v2

Scallop Cut Picket Fence

The scallop-cut or convex style picket fence is a simple, yet elegant wood fence design. We offer the option of wide boards or 1” x 4” pickets at the same cost. Our scallop-cut wood picket fence is an excellent choice for those desiring a beautiful wood fence without feeling “closed in,” at an affordable budget.