Wood Privacy Fence

At Mossy Oak Fence, we like to think outside of “the box” when it comes to the traditional wood privacy fence! There are several methods of installation for a fence, and at Mossy Oak Fence, we’re committed to providing you with fencing that will meet your needs for safety, structural integrity and attractiveness. That’s why we custom stick-build our wood privacy fences. Building this way allows for the use of full-size custom materials, not the cheap thin-walled material found in most pre-built panels. Another advantage to stick-built wood fences is having ability to roll with any type of terrain without installing in a “stair step” method, which leaves a gap at the bottom corner of each panel as it tries to traverse a slope.

Privacy fences are generally a minimum of 6 ft. in height and can be custom built to 8 or 10 ft. high in both stockade (boards that are side by side) and board-on-board (boards that overlap) styles. Wood privacy fencing is great for visually blocking a view from outside-in or inside-out, and for protection and containment of our children and pets.

Mossy Oak Fence has been the industry standard of which other Central Florida fence companies are compared to when it comes to fence innovation and design. Take a look through our basic wood privacy fence styles below, or allow our experts to walk you through the endless customization options we offer – from cross-frames and horizontal board installation, to decorative post caps and finials.

Wood Privacy Fence Styles

Stockade Privacy Fence Style v2

Stockade Privacy Fence

The standard stockade fence is our most economical wood privacy fence. Like all of our wood fences, we still stick-build our stockade fences with high-grade materials, yet they’re still suitable for anyone looking for safety and privacy on a budget.

Board-on-Board Privacy Fence Style v2

Board-on-Board Privacy Fence

Our board-on-board (B.O.B) privacy fences are built with each 6 in. board being overlapped by another 6 in. board with a ¾ in. overlap on both sides. This eliminates even the slightest amount of daylight being seen between gaps.

Cross-Frame Privacy Fence Style v2

Cross-Frame Privacy Fence

The cross-frame privacy fence is a popular style due to the unique framing that eliminates the standard 3-rail frame used on most privacy fencing. This style is a favorite among builders and developers for sub-division entrances and perimeters, because of its sturdiness and outdoor rustic appeal.

Capped Board-on-Board Privacy Fence Style v2

Capped Board-on-Board
Privacy Fence

Our capped board-on-board privacy fence is our signature fence style – no other fence company in Central Florida can truly recreate it! The capped board-on-board fence boasts of the same complete privacy as our regular B.O.B. fence, but with solid beams across the top and bottom of the panels. This not only creates a very sturdy appearance, but a very sturdy fence.

Horizontal Wood Privacy Fence Style v2

Horizontal Wood
Privacy Fence

Horizontal wood privacy fences offer an extra modern appearance while still maintaining complete privacy and security for your property.