Board-on-Board Privacy Fence

Privacy fences provide security and privacy. In todays age of “zero lot lines” the desire for ultra privacy is even more important.

When a standard privacy fence is installed, the wood goes on the fence wet (or green) and in a very short period of time the wood dries out and causes the fences pickets to shrink about am 1/8 of an inch. This minimal shrinkage allows daylight through the boards and just enough space that you (or your dogs!) could see someone through the gap or vice-versa.

To avoid this problem, Mossy Oak Fence will often suggest building a board-on-board privacy fence. The style is built with each 6 inch board being overlapped by another 6 inch board with a 3/4 inch overlap being achieved on both sides. Thus as the boards shrink it does not allow for any daylight gaps.

As always, Mossy Oak Fence stick builds (no pre-built panels) all of our board-on-board fences, offering a wide range of custom styles to choose from.