Wood Semi-Privacy Fences

Known as the “neighbor-friendly” or “good neighbor” fence, the wood semi-privacy (or “shadowbox”) fence is a popular choice, because it looks great on both sides! The general rule to fencing in your backyard is to turn the finished (smooth) side toward your neighbor, but with semi-privacy fencing you don’t have to choose a side.

As with all of our wood fences, we stick-build our wood semi-privacy fences, which allows us to space the boards in what the fence industry calls a “tight weave,” and create a variety of unique styles. Our shadowbox fence styles include the straight dog ear, capped, scallop cut, and saddle cut. We also offer a mixture of different post styles (French Gothic, dado, pointed dado, etc.), along with pressure treated pine, Western red cedar, and cypress wood species, for a more custom design.

At Mossy Oak Fence, we’ve won many awards for our creativity and quality of construction, and we’d be happy to walk you through the best wood semi-privacy fencing options for your property. Contact our professionals today for a free fence estimate!