5 Reasons Winter Is The Perfect Time To Install Pool Fencing

When you think of the pool, you probably imagine summer fun under the bright blue sky and blazing hot sun. However, that doesn’t mean you should wait until then to get a pool fence installed. Discover the reasons why it’s better to get a pool fence installed during the winter before reaching out to Mossy Oak Fence Orlando for premium pool fencing near you!

1. Construction Won’t Get In The Way Of Your Summer Fun

Most people make the mistake of waiting to call their local fence contractor until they actually need the fence, and that just cuts into their fun time! You can’t relax by the pool when there’s construction going on, and depending on the type of pool fence you want, it can take longer than you think. This is especially true with metal fencing that needs to be secured into the concrete.

Can you use a privacy fence as a pool fence? Absolutely! Learn more about how you can prepare for pool days with a privacy fence.

2. Experience Shorter Turnaround Times Compared To Peak Seasons

Another downside to waiting until summer to order your pool fence is the increase in demand during this time. Once the sun comes out, everyone has the same idea of adding protection to their pool with a sturdy fence. That increase in demand can easily be the difference between a few-day expected completion time to a couple of weeks or more. By acting early and getting your pool fence installed during the winter, you’ll already be good to go while your neighbors are scrambling to get their summer plans in order.

Did you know that wooden fences need more time to “season” after installation? And if you want to prevent water stains on your wood fence since it’ll be near the pool, you’ll need extra time to add sealant. All the more reason to get your fence set up sooner rather than later!

3. You’re More Likely To Receive Optimal Service

When fence companies are rushing to meet demand, they can only do so much. It can make it harder for them to give you their full attention when there’s a long list of clients to get to, and that’s not fair to you. By seeking pool fence installation when it’s slower during the winter, you’ll have a better chance of receiving the individualized one-on-one care that you deserve.

4. There’s A Better Chance At Lower Pricing

Another lesser-known fact is that some companies offer lower pricing during this time of year to encourage homeowners to get their fences installed away from the peak summer months. Getting your pool fence early, and getting a deal on it? How could you refuse? If your budget feels thin since it’s the holiday season, it helps to look into companies that offer flexible financing options to help you out.

5. Pool Protection Is Still Crucial During The Winter

Everyone talks about protection around the pool to prevent drowning, but some accidents can happen even when the pool is empty. Since it’s not being used around this time, it could take much longer to notice if anything has fallen to the bottom, like smaller forms of wildlife. And when you’re not using it for a long time, it can be easy to forget that there’s a large open cavity in your yard. This increases the chances of a misstep and falling in. Having a pool fence set up during the winter is a great way to prevent such accidents, even when the pool isn’t full.

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