Does Fencing Look Bad On A Sloped Yard?

If your property is elevated on a hill, you may be wondering if it’s even possible to have a decent-looking fence surrounding the perimeter. But it’s not like you can go without a fence thus leaving your place completely exposed and without protection. You may feel like you’re caught choosing between two awful outcomes with no way around it, but you’ll be glad to know that there’s a better solution. The experts at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando will teach you how to install fencing on sloped yards while still having your property look absolutely fantastic!

The Challenge of Fence Installation On Hills

As you can imagine, installing a fence on a slope requires a vastly different approach than installing one on even ground. But when you don’t have a choice, there are some handy tricks that your local fence contractor can do to make it look beautiful and seamless. It’s a contractor’s job to be good at fence math, meaning that they know how to cut and install each panel or picket to have a consistent height pattern while keeping it flush with the ground. As the property owner, your main decision will revolve around the number of choices you’ll have depending on the intensity of your slope.

Small vs Large Slopes

It’s not uncommon for people to have fences installed on uneven ground, but you must first determine the gravity of your situation. As you might have guessed, smaller slopes allow for more flexibility in available options since there’s not much of a hurdle to overcome. Steeper slopes, however, may be limited to the stepped method which is an exciting look that’s coming back around in modern fence trends anyway. But no matter how big or small the hills are throughout your yard; your local fence experts will know how to take care of it with skill and precision.

The Best Styles For Sloped Yards

When it comes to sloped yards, you still have a few great choices for fencing. This can be broken down by the type of material, the style of the panels or pickets, and the method of installation. Some property owners attempt to DIY their sloped fence installation, but for the best results, you can always rely on your local fence contractors in Orlando.

Stepped Fences

This method requires the use of whole panels that gradually rise with each section in a uniform pattern. The result is a unique and modern aura that is still effective in being used as any other ordinary fence. Stepped fences are typically the only option for larger and steeper hills, but that doesn’t make it any less effective or beautiful.

Contoured Fences

Fences that curve at the top, like the scallop cut, are a great choice for smaller hills and slopes because the individual pickets can be manipulated to best match the shape of the overall style. And with contoured fences, any minor inconsistencies due to the manner of the slope will be much less obvious and nearly impossible to spot.

Chain Link Fences

If you want a cheap and easy perimeter around your commercial property that effortlessly flows over hills and bumps in the ground, chain link fences may be the answer you’re looking for. Because of their incredibly flexible composition, the metal wire can comply with the terrain with little to no issues.

Leave It To the Mossy Oak Fence Experts!

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