Here’s Why You Don’t Stain A Dirty Fence

You may want to stain your wooden fence, but it pays to be cautious if you want your hard work to last. If you’ve had your fence for a long time, it’s most likely dirty. Should you wash it first? The experts at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando are here to warn you about why you shouldn’t stain your dirty fence.

Does My Fence Need Stain In the First Place?

If you’re new to staining fences, you might be wondering if it’s even necessary. There are many benefits to staining your fence, with appearance and protection being the main factors. Whether your original fence color is bland, or you’re just looking for something different, a beautiful stain color can add a lot more appeal; but staining isn’t just about looks. A good-quality stain can also give your fence protective qualities by adding an extra layer of substance designed to seep into the wood and reinforce its durability and weather resistance. If you’re eager to reap the benefits of staining your fence, you might want to skip the cleaning process but doing so will bring adverse effects that you’ll soon regret.

What Happens When Staining A Dirty Fence

An older fence will likely be covered in dirt, grime, and anything else that may be obstructing the surface area of your panels. This situation is much worse than you may think when it comes to applying stain. When you add stain to a dirty fence, all that dirt and other unwanted particles can stop the stain from actually reaching the wood. There is also a possibility that the dirt will get stuck between the stain and the wood. One of two things can happen in this situation. One, the debris can fall off your fence and leave spots where the stain was unable to get through. Two, any dirt or grime that gets stuck can start deteriorating the wood and lead to rot at a somewhat fast rate. At that point, your reason for applying the stain in the first place will be all for naught.

One way to help prevent the formation and spread of rot is to invest in a pressure-treated wood fence. PT fences come with a protective layer against rain and sun as well as dirt, and they’re still able to be stained for even more preserving qualities.

The Best Way to Clean a Dirty Fence

Now you know the importance of cleaning your fence before applying stain, but what’s the best way to go about it? The most common method for cleaning off a wooden fence is to use a pressure washer to ensure that every little particle gets blasted away. That’s rather easy, but it’s also important to wait for your fence to completely dry since stain doesn’t attach well to moisture. It can take a while for your fence to dry completely depending on the atmosphere, but we promise the wait will be worth it!

Get Pressure-Treated Wood Fences from Mossy Oak Fence!

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