How To Pick The Right Fence Color For Your Home

Nowadays, you can get a fence in any color imaginable. Whether you paint or stain your fence, or order it already colored, you’re left with a tough decision. The choice isn’t as simple as going with your favorite color, or even black or white. In the end, your fence should still match your home in a way that doesn’t completely clash. If you need help deciding, the professionals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando are here to help you pick the right fence color for your home!

Consider the Color of Your Home

The most important thing when deciding on a fence color is to think about what would look nice next to the color of the house itself. Do you want your fence to act as an extension of your home, or do you want to put the spotlight on one or the other? A good rule of thumb is to go with a color that matches the trim, but there are many other ways to choose based on your home’s exterior.

White Homes

Houses with white exteriors are among the most common, and they also provide the most opportunities. Pretty much any color goes with white, it all just depends on your goals and personal taste. For instance, you can go with a matching white fence for simplicity or you can choose a bright and bold color for a more exciting aesthetic. White houses also benefit from black or dark fences for a nice contrast and to draw the focus of attention to the house itself.

Light Neutral Homes

For beige, tan, or cream-colored homes, natural wooden fences make the most sense. However, those who still want to add some color to their neutral home can get away with pale or muted tones to avoid any clashing combinations.

Dark Homes

Black or rich dark colors like deep blue or burgundy greatly benefit from wood stains on the darker side of the spectrum. Black fencing also works for maintaining the atmosphere, but dark homes can also work as a backdrop for colorful fences to really stand out. But of course, you should only do this if you’re alright with the idea of your fence getting more attention than your actual home.

Modern Gray Homes

Gray and muted blue houses are very popular lately as a more modern and aesthetically pleasing look. For this particular theme, white fences are the usual pick since it looks the most satisfying next to cool shades. However, any wood stain will bring your home the perfect balance between modern and traditional.

Pulling Off Two-Toned Fences

Considering a creative two-toned fence? This is an excellent style for designing modern homes as long as you know how to execute it properly. One of the easiest ways to make this style work is to pick the color of your house’s trim and any other color that would complement your home. This method will make it seem as though your house and fence were always meant to be sold as a single entity. This can be done through companies that offer custom vinyl fabrication orders.

Examples of Popular Two-Toned Fence Colors

● White and tan

● Light brown and dark brown

● Black and tan

● White and gray

Let Mossy Oak Fence Help You!

Need help choosing a fence color to go with your home’s exterior? Ask the professionals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando for recommendations! We will gladly assist you in finding a fence for a home aesthetic to be proud of. Call (407) 900-2940 today for more information about our wide selection and custom orders.