Looking For A Unique Gate? Our Custom Fence Design Is For You

A gate is just a gate unless you go to a contractor that can offer you something more. With a creative mind, skillful hands, and a selection of premium products, you can easily turn an otherwise ordinary gate into a symbol of your property’s personality and aesthetic. Learn about the different ways you can get a unique gate through custom fence design, and how Mossy Oak Fence Orlando can make your vision come true with years of expertise and countless possibilities!

The Timeless Appeal Of A Custom-Made Gate For Your Property

Is getting a custom-made gate worth it? Yes, because there are more benefits to a unique gate than just curb appeal. Custom gates can offer a return on your investment because increasing your curb appeal is often followed by an increase in property value. Another perk to having a unique fence is having a more recognizable property which will make it easy for new guests to spot your home. If your gate is for a business or commercial property, a custom gate design can help with establishing your branding.

A Moment To Appreciate Pedestrian Gates

There’s nothing wrong with thinking big, but there’s also a bit of charm to smaller pedestrian gates. These are usually placed next to the main gate for guests who arrive on foot, and they can encourage people to approach with their intimate and inviting allure. A pedestrian gate can blend in with the rest of the fence when installed by a reputable fence company like Mossy Oak Fence.

All Of The Ways You Can Personalize Your Unique Gate

If you want to install a unique gate in Orlando, Mossy Oak Fence offers many customization options for a one-of-a-kind look. We have fence toppers, post caps, and distinct color options so you can stand out from the rest of your neighborhood with impeccable style. Take a look at some of our custom fence options:


Post Caps


● Lattice

● Spindle

● Closed

● Dome

● Federation

● New England

● External

● Gothic

● White

● Almond

● Clay

● Stone

● Woodgrain

Many of our clients like to go bold and try eccentric approaches to their gate design like mixing materials or combining colors. We love to handle these fun requests, which is how we’re skilled in securing wooden boards to aluminum posts, attaching metal toppers to wooden fences, bolting aluminum to vinyl posts, and so on. We’re also proud to offer contemporary color styles like woodgrain or two-tone combinations for vinyl gates.

Ask About Our Gate Automation Products!

The only thing better than a stylish custom gate is one that opens automatically. Mossy Oak Fence is your local supplier for gate automation products including gate operators and access controls. We can install your gate to utilize keypads, card readers, telephone entry, and more!

Where To Get The Gate Of Your Dreams Near You!

Mossy Oak Fence Orlando offers custom estate gates, pedestrian gates, and gate automation products near you! For a truly unique gate, call us today at (407) 900-2940 to ask about our custom design choices and to receive a free estimate on your next installation. We know how to equip your property with a one-of-a-kind gate for increased curb appeal and exquisite style!