The Easiest Types Of Fence Materials To Clean, Ranked

Let’s face it, no one has the time to clean a fence. Even if you do end up with a bit of spare time in your busy week, you don’t want to spend those precious moments on the tedious task of maintaining fence upkeep. Rather than just letting your fence get all dingy, you’ll want to consider these fence materials that are easy to clean. If any of these fence types stand out to you, Mossy Oak Fence Orlando offers premium fences with expert installation near you!

A few of the easiest types of fence materials to clean are vinyl, powder-coated aluminum, chain link, and protected wood varieties. All of these require minimal effort so you can have a pristine fence in a matter of minutes.

1. Vinyl: Near-Effortless Cleaning Options For Busybodies

The #1 easiest fence material to clean is vinyl because of the versatility in the different ways it can be cleaned due to its smooth and slick surface. This is one of the main reasons that vinyl is one of the lowest maintenance fence types for your home. Take a look at a few common methods for cleaning vinyl fencing:

  • Rinsing it with a garden hose
  • Rubbing it with soap and water
  • Using a safe cleaning solution
  • Making a DIY vinegar cleaning solution
  • Wiping off the dust with a cloth

2. Powder-Coated Aluminum: Water Resistant For A Quick Hose-Down

For an easy-to-clean fence that offers a bit more flair, powder-coated aluminum offers low-maintenance protection just like vinyl. Of course, the main difference is in their strength, but aluminum is also distinct in how it can be cleaned. You can hose down an aluminum fence just like you would vinyl, but it requires an additional step if you want to keep its stunning appearance even if you go with a protected variety. A perfect example would be wiping it dry if you don’t want to see any water spots after getting it wet, but even still, powder-coated aluminum is one of the easiest fence materials to clean.

A Warning About Cleaning Aluminum Fences!

If you would rather use a brush to scrub your aluminum fence, pay mind to the kind of tool that you use. A soft-bristled brush should be fine, but using a coarse brush can leave behind scratch marks despite using it on a protected powder-coated aluminum fence.

3. Chain Link: Less Material To Clean

Chain link fences might not be the most popular choice, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the easiest fence types to clean. This is because there is less surface area to worry about with the fence consisting mostly of holes, and it can withstand the force of a pressure washer. For extra protection, chain link fences enhanced with a vinyl coating or made of galvanized steel will last much longer especially when cleaned regularly.

4. Wood (With Sealant): A Doable Choice For Traditional Homeowners

To some people, getting anything other than a wooden fence is out of the question. Wood may be prone to getting dirty much faster than vinyl or metal, but there are still ways to make cleaning it a little easier. Coating your wooden fence with a sealant is the best way to make it easy to clean because it creates a smooth surface for dirt and grime to come off. This can be done by either washing the fence or wiping it down, but extra measures may need to be taken to prevent water stains and other potential problems.

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