What Are No-Dig Fences & Are They Sturdy?

There’s more than one way to install a fence, and many property owners (especially dog owners) are considering no-dig fencing as a valid choice. But what are no-dig fences, and are they as sturdy as other types of fencing? The professionals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando are here to explain the specifics of no-dig fences and whether or not they’re a good choice for you.

No-Dig Fencing Explained

Most fencing contractors will use either the driving or digging method (with an auger and cement) to install your fence, but some homeowners are beginning to learn about no-dig fences as an option that they can DIY and save money on labor costs. This method involves many large stakes being pushed into the ground for fast and easy fences that can potentially deter dogs from digging underneath it, but is it really as great as it sounds? The benefits of no-dig fencing may sound foolproof on paper, but people who take this route soon realize the many downsides and often regret going with this fencing option.

The Downsides To No-Dig Fences

Because of the over-simplistic way in which it’s installed, it is very common for no-dig fences to sway and tip over not too long after. This is because the stakes are placed just below the ground’s surface and so the fence doesn’t have a solid foundation which is essential for stability. All it takes is for a large dog to push against it or for someone to accidentally fall onto it for everything to tip over. Because it’s so easy to knock over a no-dig fence, anyone who knows about fence installation often deems them inefficient when it comes to durability. And if you’re looking to get a privacy fence for added security, no-dig fences aren’t even an option since they only come in picket styles. Getting the fence height you want may also be difficult with no-dig fences which are limited on available heights.

What Are Better Alternatives?

If the goal is to keep your dog from digging underneath your fence, there are better ways to do it. As long as it’s professionally installed, there are many other fence styles that can get the job done while offering greater stability and durability than a self-installed no-dig fence. Qualified contractors can use the driving method to ensure that the fence stays upright even when impacted by pets or humans. This method also limits the number of holes in your yard to just the fence posts whereas no-dig fences require stakes to be placed throughout the entire fence.

Effective Dog-Friendly Fence Styles

Any fence that is flush with the ground like vinyl privacy fences, wooden privacy fences, and chain link fences can keep dogs from being tempted to dig underneath it. Strong picket-style fences like ornate aluminum or steel can also discourage the need to dig by keeping dogs from being curious as to what’s on the other side.

Where To Get Expert Fence Installation In Florida

For better fence options that offer greater security and durability, call Mossy Oak Fence Orlando at (407) 900-2940 to learn about our dog-friendly selection and to receive a free quote! Our skilled team of contractors will equip your property with a high-quality fence to give you peace of mind even when you let your pets roam free in the yard.