What Are The Benefits Of A Residential Gate Operator?

If you’ve ever opted for a manual gate, whether it be for the price or simple design, you’ve most likely encountered all of the downsides firsthand. They can be such a hassle to open and close every time you enter or leave your property, so we don’t blame you for wanting to just leave it open at all times. However, doing so defeats the purpose of having a gate in the first place. If you know this struggle all too well, we have just the solution for you! The professionals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando want to introduce you to residential gate operators and their benefits.

Types Of Residential Gate Operators

What is a residential gate operator? It’s a powered device that attaches to your gate for the purpose of opening and closing the gate automatically, making it a crucial part of an automated gate. By giving you automatic access to your gate, you can say goodbye to the tedious and inconvenient problems that we mentioned earlier! The best part is that gate operators can be used for any type of gate so you can enjoy the convenience whether you have a swinging or sliding gate. You’ll also be glad to know that gate operators come with many more benefits:

You Can Stay Seated While It Works

The main problem that causes people to leave their gate permanently open is the issue of passing through the gate by car. You would have to leave your vehicle to get out and open the gate which, let’s face it, no one wants to do. It’s tedious, dangerous, and simply not worth the effort. With a gate operator, you can open and close your gate while staying in the comfort of your car.

They Make It Difficult To Trespass

Manual gates can be opened by practically anyone, even someone with a bolt cutter and the right amount of determination. Gate operators can deter potential trespassers by providing more complex obstacles backed by secure technology.

They’re More Reliable Than Manual Gates

After much use, a manual gate can easily become unbalanced over time and eventually break. In this sense, they require frequent maintenance just to keep their expected functionality. Gates that are secured by gate operators, however, are often considered to be more reliable since they’re built to be sturdy and are backed by modern technology to stay in line.

You Can Choose Your Access Method

With the automatic functionality that comes with gate operators, you have the ability to choose how you want your gate to open. Keypad entry by entering a code is the most common method for residential use because it’s easy to share the combination while managing and keeping track of who has it. You can also change the code at any time.

They Promote Better Curb Appeal For Higher Property Value

Anybody would love to have the appearance and functionality of an automated gate which is why installing a gate operator is always a safe investment for boosting property value. You can almost guarantee that the price of your home will be higher than it would have been before the upgrade.

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