What Are The Different Parts In An Automated Gate?

With so many reasons to choose an automated gate over a manual one, you may be eager to get started on your setup. However, it’s important to understand what all of the components are and what they do before you get one installed. This will help you prepare for any potential maintenance you may need to upkeep or problems that you may come across. When that happens, be sure to call your local gate experts at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando!

The Main Gate

The gate itself (the main part that you see as you come up to it) can be made of many different materials. For a natural look before a cozy home, property owners may enjoy the appearance and durability of red cedar wood. Vinyl or PVC adds a modern and minimalist effect. And of course, metal or chain link gates are popular with many businesses or commercial facilities.

Hinges or Latches

You will need hinges and/or latches to operate single-swing or double-swing gates. These components are essential for security, otherwise, the gate can detach and leave your property vulnerable. This is why these parts can be made from heavy stainless steel, and can even be powder-coated so that they can better resist rust and corrosion.

The Power Supply

In order to route energy through your gate so that it can use its automated functions, you will need a power supply. To be more specific, the power supply directs electricity to the motors of your gate so that it can operate. If your gate isn’t responding, it could be a problem with the power supply, in which case your local gate expert may be able to make repairs or replace the battery inside.

Gate Motors

An automated gate needs electricity to operate, but that energy goes to the motors which do all the work. The gate motors are what physically move the gate into the desired position, and then back into its original place. Like the power supply, a problem with the motor may be solved with some repairs or a full replacement. This occurrence is especially common since the motors are often exposed to the elements and are more prone to suffering weather-related damages or casualties caused by nearby pests.


Sliding gates require a track system. There are different types of tracks including cantilevers, v-tracks, and overhead l-beam tracks. Tracks that are primarily located on the ground may need to be cleaned regularly. If there’s too much dirt, mud, or other debris clogging up the cracks, the gate may not operate as it should.

Automation Devices

How will you allow access through your gate? There are many types of automation devices depending on the type of authorization you would prefer to utilize. Keypads and card scanners are a couple of the most popular ways to regulate who can get past your gate. However, issues with wiring or other electrical components can happen. Just call your local gate experts anytime you need prompt assistance. For an extensive selection of gate operators and access control products near you, Mossy Oak Fence Orlando has everything you need.

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