What Are The Different Options For Gate Access Controls?

There’s more than one way to control an automated gate, and they each have perks for varying types of properties. Some people may wonder what the main differences are and which one is best for them, and that’s why we’re here! The professionals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando will help you learn about the different options for gate access controls to help you make an informed choice that benefits you.

Keypads (Or Numpads) For Code Systems

If you’ve ever been to an apartment complex, you probably noticed that they utilize keypads so that residents and visitors alike can simply enter a numbered code to gain entry. This system is so basic, but that’s precisely what makes it one of the most practical choices. Other than apartments, keypad access controls are also great for houses with automatic gates installed. This is because it’s easy to give your code to family and friends for shared access. It’s like having a secret password that only those who are close to you will know!

Card Readers For Commercial Use

Managing a commercial property can be much easier with a card reader system in place for your automated gate. This method provides greater security since authorized personnel would need to physically acquire a card in order to gain access to any restricted areas. This would be the case for permanent employees and passing vendors alike. Card reader systems also make it easy to manage each person’s permissions with the ability to disable individual cards or give cards an expiration date.

Remote Control Access For Personal Entry

The main advantage that automated gates have over manual gates is that you don’t need to open and close them yourself. Remote control access allows you to accomplish this simple task with the push of a button so you can pass through quickly and with less hassle. This system works in the same way as a garage door clicker in the sense that the remote will need to be within a certain range of the sensor to activate the gate.

Cellular Gate Openers For Modern-Day Integrations

Did you know that cell phones can do all sorts of things, including controlling your automated gate? You’ve probably already known about the ability to unlock your car, pay for your groceries, and control your TV from your smartphone, but now you can add automated gates to the list of things that your small device can do for you. All it takes is a tap on your compatible app and viola! Your gate is now being opened almost like magic.

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