What’s The Best Type of Fence For Security In Orlando?

If you’re having trouble with security in Orlando, you’re not the only one. Whether you’re worried about your own home or the sanctity of your business, it’s best not to take any chances. At Mossy Oak Fence Orlando, we can safely say that the right kind of fence can help prevent any breaches in security, you just have to know which kinds to invest in.

The best types of fence for security in Orlando include aluminum, steel, vinyl, and some wood varieties. Your ordinary fence will degrade over time with the frequent storms and rain, losing its ability to effectively secure your property which is why it’s crucial to invest in materials that are strong and aren’t affected by weather-related damages.

Have You Ever Seen Anyone Break Through A Metal Fence? Exactly

For a fence that is hard to breach and doesn’t falter when intense weather strikes, metal is the way to go. Aluminum and steel fences that are treated with a powder coating do especially well in places like Florida because any bit of water just rolls right off. You can worry less about anyone trying to break through because both aluminum and steel promote tensile strength and durability, barely shaking when impacted. To prevent trespassers from scaling the fence, you can design your fence with spiked post caps and fence toppers to add a sense of danger for warding off criminals while displaying elegant curb appeal.

Our Metal Fence Honorable Mention: Welded Wire

For an alternative type of metal fence that can secure your property, welded wire is another great choice. Since each intersecting point is welded individually, it’ll take some time for anyone to cut a large enough hole to squeeze through and they would be causing a commotion by that time. It’s also difficult to grasp comfortably, making it nearly impossible to scale effectively.

Are Wooden Fences Secure? Make Sure You Choose Wisely…

You don’t have to disregard wood if you’re looking for a secure fence. There are a few high-grade wood species that have a natural durability with its dense makeup such as Cypress which is often considered the densest type of wood fence. Western Red Cedar follows right behind Cypress in terms of durability while also being resilient in its lightweight flexibility. By choosing a stronger wood species for your fence, it’ll be unlikely for anyone to break it down by force. At least, not without shedding some serious sweat.

Vinyl: If Dogs Can’t Chew Through It, Then Neither Can We

If you don’t mind going a bit more modern with your new fence, premium vinyl fences also offer flexible strength for ample security. Privacy panels are usually the go-to for impeding the visibility of your would-be trespassers so they can’t tell if the coast is clear, and it would be quite the challenge to break through it without causing a ruckus.

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Beef Up Your Security With Gate Automation Products

There’s no better way to increase the security of your already-secure fence than with an automated gate system. By limiting access to your property, you can rule out many unwanted guests. You can have your gate installed with different options for gate access controls with keypads and card readers being a couple of the most popular. Pair your automated gate with security cameras for a formidable fortress that most criminals wouldn’t dare tread!

Let Mossy Oak Fence Secure Your Orlando Property

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