7 Maintenance Tips For Aluminum Fencing In Orlando

For a beautiful fence all year round, aluminum fencing is your holy grail. They can be custom-made with intricate designs to boost curb appeal and display a welcoming entrance. To keep such an elegant fence looking its best, some upkeep is to be expected. Mossy Oak Fence Orlando has your guide with maintenance tips for aluminum fencing in Orlando!

Aluminum fencing can offer low-maintenance protection with the help of some tender loving care. Take a moment to review these useful tips:

1. Don’t Let Dirt Pile Up

Rust doesn’t just happen from neglected contact with water. After prolonged periods without proper cleaning, dirt can easily pile up on top, leaving you with layers upon layers of sediment that can provoke the oxidation process. This means that even if you don’t get any rain, you can still encounter rust through dirt exposure.

2. Keep Your Fence Dry

The easiest way to clean your aluminum fence is by washing it down with the garden hose. Although this is the most effective way to get rid of dirt without causing damage from high-intensity pressure washing, it’s crucial to pat it dry with a soft towel immediately after. Not only does this prevent water stains, but it can help your fence last longer by prolonging the corrosion process.

3. Invest In A Powder-Coated Aluminum Fence

The two issues mentioned above could easily be avoided by going with a powder-coated aluminum fence option. Getting specialized materials from the manufacturer is much more effective than applying a top coat of protection on an untreated aluminum fence. Powder-coated aluminum effortlessly repels water, thus being practically immune to rust and corrosion.

4. Refrain From Using Power-Washing Tools

Even with the added protection from powder-coated aluminum fencing, using a power washer is still advised against. Continue to use a regular garden hose and pat it dry just like you would any other metal fence. You want to make sure you get the most years out of your investment!

5. Make A Vinegar-Based Cleaning Solution

Powder-coated aluminum fencing is already one of the easiest types of fence materials to clean, but for an even deeper shine, you can make a homemade solution using ingredients that you most likely have in your cabinet. Simply mix white vinegar and water for an effective cleaner that won’t damage your aluminum fence. For easy distribution, transfer it to a spray bottle.

6. Use A Metal-Friendly Soap

If you’re the kind of person who can’t feel satisfied until they see some suds, you can rest assured that mild dish soap is safe to use on aluminum fencing. The important thing is to avoid industrial-strength soap cleaners, especially ones that contain harmful acids. Just stick with the soap that you use at your kitchen sink and you’re good to go!

7. WD-40 Sparingly

Soap isn’t the only at-home substance to contain acid. If your fence is squeaking, you may be tempted to douse it in WD-40. It’s best to be mindful when using WD-40 on an aluminum fence as excessive use can lead to corrosion.

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