Make Sure Your Fence Meets HOA Guidelines – Hire A Contractor You Can Trust

Making any sort of upgrades to a house under the HOA can prove to be a difficult task. Even something as simple as a fence can come with its own separate book of rules to abide by which can deter many ambitious homeowners itching for a change of pace. One way to ensure that your fence meets HOA guidelines is by installing a contractor you can trust like the ones at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando!

What Are The HOA Regulations In Orlando?

Just like how everyone is their own person, no two HOAs are exactly alike. Depending on where you live, you may be faced with a unique set of rules and regulations, meaning that you’ll have to touch up on the info in your rule book every time you need handiwork done around the house.

In Orlando, common HOA guidelines for fencing have to do with the fence’s height, material, color, and style. Sometimes, hiring a licensed contractor is also a requirement in an attempt to ensure consistent quality throughout the neighborhood. Sometimes, HOAs will supply local fence contractors with approved fence heights, color palettes, and so on.

The Consequences Of Not Meeting HOA Standards

Homeowners who choose to ignore HOA guidelines for the sake of creative freedom will suffer the consequences. But what exactly do those repercussions look like? If your fence doesn’t meet the requirements set by your HOA, you could face hefty fines. The first fine could be as low as $25 to indicate a fair warning, but failure to meet demands after that could cause those fines to stack up by the hundreds. If push comes to shove (as is the case with many HOAs), a lien can be forced onto your property before being foreclosed.

With all of the things that could go wrong just from installing the wrong fence, it pays to be vigilant and plan out your specifications before you begin the installation process.

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Don’t Fret, Just Call Your Trusted Fence Contractors!

Don’t be discouraged from getting a new fence just because your local HOA is strict. All you need to do is contact your local trusted fence contractors! A seasoned fence contractor already has experience in meeting HOA guidelines so you can hire them with confidence knowing that you won’t run into any conflicts with any of your officials. This is the easiest and most stress-free way to enjoy a fence with zero hassle.

Can I DIY My HOA Fence?

Since the purpose of an HOA is to maintain a visually appealing and consistent look, a DIY fence may contradict the intended aesthetic by showing poorer quality in comparison, even if ever so slight. You can’t expect to show the same fortitude as a professional, after all. The end result may garner enough attention for you to be noticed by HOA officials and begin the fining process.

The Best HOA Fence Contractor Near You!

For the best experience in getting a new fence under the HOA, reach out to Mossy Oak Fence Orlando at (407) 900-2940! We know exactly how to handle HOA fences for your convenience, and we offer a comprehensive selection of fences to choose from. Ask us today for a free estimate on your new fence installation!