Our Ultimate Guide To Fence Heights For Your Home

There are so many choices to make when getting a new fence installed, and it becomes more involved than just deciding on the style and your material. You also need to figure out how tall your fence is going to be, and if you want the height to be different between the front, sides, and rear. If you’re not sure what to do in this department, the professionals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando are here to help with our ultimate guide to fence heights for your home!

First Things First, Check Your Local Fence Regulations

Before you try and identify your preferences, you should first know what your limitations are according to where you live. This includes state and local laws as well as fence rules and regulations set by the Home Owner’s Association (HOA). When considering Florida as a whole, fence heights can range anywhere from 3-8 feet. But in the city of Orlando, there’s a 4-foot limit for the front yard and a 6-foot limit for the sides and rear of any residential property.

What Happens If I Don’t Follow Fence Regulations?

While you might not exactly go to jail for having your fence too high, you will be at risk of receiving a fine. You may also have to completely re-install a brand-new fence which can cost you much more.

Factoring In Fence Style And Purpose

After knowing what’s allowed for your Florida home, it will be much easier to decide on a proper height for your new fence. Depending on the fence style you’re interested in and the kind of material that you have chosen, there are certain heights that can enhance the look or effectiveness of your fence. For example, a traditional wooden fence (especially a picket fence) can be as low as 3 feet in the front yard and extend a couple of feet as it works its way down the sides and rear of your home. If you’re looking to have a closed-off privacy fence, you can get the full effect by going with the max 6-foot limit.

Do I Really Need A Fence For My Front Yard?

Even if it’s not mandatory, there are so many benefits to fencing in your front yard. It provides better security, a sense of privacy, and it can improve the look of your home! Not to mention, having a nice fence for your front yard can increase your property value.

Best Practices When Installing A Fence

Even if you know the exact fence height you want to go with, it’s important to make sure you get your measurements right so that you actually achieve the height you are aiming for by the end of it. Your fence post still counts when finding your fence height, and that includes the very top of the post cap. If you’ll be customizing your new fence with a fence topper, you’ll want to include that in your measurements as well.

Leave The Installation To Mossy Oak Fence!

Not everyone has the skills, tools, or time to build a fence while maintaining the right height during the installation process. If you ever need assistance, professional help is just a simple phone call away! Contact Mossy Oak Fence Orlando today at (407) 900-2940 to get a free quote on your next fence installation!