What Are The Most Popular Styles Of Estate Gates In 2023?

Everyone wants to have that house, the one that makes every other house in the neighborhood practically invisible in comparison with its extravagant exterior design. You might have already thought that a pronounced estate gate could be the cherry on top, but not just any gate will do. You need something that every other homeowner in town would die for, and that’s where we come in.

Take a look at these most popular estate gate styles for 2023, all of which are a possibility for your property when you call Mossy Oak Fence Orlando!

The Mixed-Material Format Is Still In For 2023

It seems like every year when you search “modern estate gate styles”, mixed materials always reign supreme. That much hasn’t changed for 2023, but we’re all for it! Not only is this ongoing trend incredibly fashionable, but these types of gates are also lowkey functional. For instance, metal posts keep the foundation secure while wooden planks bring protection and familiarity to the overall property. We also love the creativity of this trend with limitless possibilities.

Try Out New Modern Partition-Style Fencing!

For something exciting and contemporary, partition-style fences are beginning to take over the corners of social media that are dedicated to home design. For this style, the boards are placed along the border in a seemingly random arrangement to give it a sporadic appearance that is simultaneously pleasing to the eye. It’s a treat to allow your gaze to dance along the decorative layout, spotting slight gaps here and there as if it were an artsy museum piece installed right outside of your home.

This style is commonly made in either all metal or a mix of metal and wood materials and is often paired with automated gate access controls to complete the modern aesthetic.

Horizontally-Placed Metal Poles And Slats

If you would rather go with something that is much more simple in design but still eludes to the modern aesthetic, horizontal is the way to go. To be more precise, many savvy homeowners are building their fences to mimic the structure of hard window blinds, and then adding siding gate functionality. This fresh take on semi-privacy fencing with an automated gate gives every home a satisfyingly uniform look as well as some individuality with such a simple yet uncommon appeal.

Swing-Open Wooden Gates With Large Handles

Imagine a traditional swing-open gate made of high-quality wood, with a distinct curved top. Now, imagine large handles placed along the edges of the doors where they open. We’re talking comically huge like a giant would be able to barely pinch them with their thumb and index finger if they were being careful enough. Of course, this is purely a design choice over being functional, but it adds a dominating aura to any proud home. Since you likely won’t be using the decorative handles, you would need a residential gate operator to make your way in or out.

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Make Your Mark!

The only way to make an already grand estate gate even more monumental is by adding your initials or insignia to it in the form of a large, custom metal piece. This is more common for farms, but it can look great on any property and serves as a way to let your guests know that they’ve found the right place!

Mossy Oak Fence Can Bring Your Estate Gate Idea To Life!

Are you excited to get started on adding an iconic estate gate to your property? Call Mossy Oak Fence Orlando at (407) 900-2940 so we can discuss your next project followed by a free estimate! With our selection of estate gate products and the ability to fulfill custom orders, we can bedazzle your home with a gate that you’ll love for ages.