What Fences Are Best For Withstanding High Winds?

Direct sunlight isn’t the only thing that we get in Florida. When the stormy weather hits (and it always does), we also get high winds that have the potential to uproot trees and push cars. There might not be much more that you can do to secure your house, but you can invest in strong fencing to help preserve the sanctity of your property. Discover premium fencing options that are best for withstanding high winds, courtesy of the professionals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando!

Building A Strong Foundation With Metal Posts

The trick to installing a strong fence that can stand against high winds is to start with very strong fence posts, and metal is by far the toughest of the tough. As long as you have practically unmovable posts, it doesn’t matter if your pickets or panels are made of wood. For peak durability, steel can be the best for the job, especially with its impeccable weight. But even going with powder-coated aluminum is an excellent choice since it can also repel moisture, making it immune to rust and corrosion.

Fence Types That Are Unaffected By Wind Currents

When you pay close enough attention, you’ll notice that the fence types that are still standing after intense storms are the ones that air can pass through easily. This includes chain link fencing and picket fences built with decently sized gaps.

Chain Link Fencing: The Top Choice For Windy Days

Chain link fences allow the most room for air to pass through with minimal resistance which is how it’s able to stay relatively unaffected after a storm or hurricane. This might only sound like a viable choice for commercial use, but modern chain link fences can be made to appear attractive enough for residential homes.

Ornate Metal Fences: Durability Meets Luxury

We stated earlier that steel and aluminum fence posts are all that’s needed for strong fencing during high winds, and that’s definitely true. But what if the entire fence is made with these tough metals? Ornate steel or aluminum fences are strong throughout the entire structure while promoting substantial curb appeal which is why it is often considered one of the sturdiest fence styles for storm season.

Prefer Wood Or Vinyl? You Need Fence Toppers

Not everyone wants a metal fence, and that’s completely understandable. Thankfully, there are still solutions for wooden and vinyl fencing that can help regulate high wind impacts. Fence toppers that are made with gaps, such as lattice-style toppers, can give air currents a path to continue flowing with less resistance. Pointed or dog-ear pickets can also cut through the wind to lessen its impact.

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