What Is The Best Fence Type For Hot & Humid Climates Like Florida?

Tired of fixing or replacing fences that easily give in to Florida weather? Fences aren’t meant to be disposable, but you can end the cycle by investing in vinyl fencing! Learn more about how vinyl fences are the best type of fence for hot and humid climates like Florida, coming from the trusted professionals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando!

What Is Vinyl? Why People Use It For Fencing

Vinyl (also referred to as PVC) is made up of durable plastic that can withstand natural elements. Unlike natural wooden fences, fences made of vinyl come with so many added benefits that make it the more practical choice for those who live in Florida and are constantly faced with extreme heat and humidity. Let’s take a closer look at these incredible benefits:

Vinyl Is Resistant To The Blazing Florida Sun

The major problem with average fencing is that intense heat from direct sunlight, especially in areas known for sunny weather like Florida, can cause warpage or fading. One of the top desirable qualities of vinyl is that it isn’t susceptible to either of these occurrences. Vinyl fences are unaffected by the heat which means that it will retain its shape no matter how hot it gets and you won’t have to worry about losing that vibrant color. Most vinyl fencing comes in white anyway, but even if you go with other colors, you can rest assured that it will remain that color because the pigment is infused with the plastic rather than being applied onto the surface.

Avoid Moisture Damage From Humid Climates

Another factor that most wooden fences suffer from is damage through water exposure. Oftentimes, just the humidity in the air is enough to induce water damage like rot, mold, and decay. Vinyl fencing doesn’t have natural fibers that can weaken and unravel the moment it makes contact with water. On the contrary, water is one of the best and easiest ways to clean vinyl fencing because it doesn’t deteriorate from moisture. And in states like Florida, humidity and moisture are always just around the corner.

Vinyl Can Fend Off Summertime Creatures

Pests may live outside, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to the elements. There are plenty of bugs and other critters that struggle to survive in the heat and will use any source of nourishment that they can find, including building materials. That’s why opting for vinyl is an effective way to protect your fence. PVC offers zero nutrients so pests will be uninterested in chewing holes in your fencing to get an easy meal.

Can Vinyl Prevent Fungal Activity?

Not all pests scurry around on little legs. Sometimes, the creatures we need to worry about are the ones that can grow in just the right places under ideal conditions. That’s why you’ll often see mushrooms growing on wooden fences that seem to be on their way out. Thankfully, fungi don’t care for vinyl and will have a harder time latching on to grow.

Get Premium Vinyl Fencing From Mossy Oak Fence!

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