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3 Modern Wood Fence Styles We Love

When you really look around, you’ll start to notice that there are a ton of different fence styles around your neighborhood. While you can also choose vinyl or metal fences, we love the look of modern wooden fences. With a few custom touches, a fence can go from boring to unique and will end up…

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How to Order Fence Materials

Do It Yourself After you have measured your property lines, draw a rough layout on a blank sheet of paper (doesn’t need to be to scale). Write down the sizes (in feet) of each section. Take into consideration any slopes or angles. You will have an opportunity to mention any special requests during the purchase…

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How to Measure My Property Lines

Measuring your property lines for a fence estimate is simple! Below are seven easy steps to help you figure out where your property’s boundaries are and measure for your fence material needs: Walk the property to see if its boundary lines are clearly visible. Some properties have boundary poles set at the corners or some…

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How to Choose a Fence Company

When it comes to researching and choosing the right fence company, there are a few important things to keep in mind. We’ve gathered a helpful list below to help you compare our offerings to other local fence companies’ when shopping around and gathering fence quotes: Important things to know! Mossy Oak Other Guys Licenced, Bonded,…

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